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A Bowl of Good

Walking into A Bowl of Good, you’ll discover we place an emphasis on LOCAL from our ingredients in our flavorful meals, to the bowls they are served in, to the tables they are served on.

Ayrshire Farms

The Farm is a certified organic farm, specializing in rare and endangered breeds livestock and heirloom fruits and vegetables. It is a working manor farm, historically a place of efficiency, sufficiency, and serenity.

Barefoot Bucha

Barefoot Bucha is a local kombucha that is handcrafted in Virginia from pure Nelson County mountain water and infused with Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Often enjoyed after a meal, it is considered healthful to the digestive system for its probiotic content, amino acids, and active enzymes.

Bombolini Pasta

Fresh and Dried Pasta, Marinara

Carpe Donut

Offers donuts made from scratch, fresh and frozen donuts, dusted with cinnamon sugar. Almost all ingredients in the donuts are organic.

Farmstead Ferments

Creates raw, naturally-fermented foods and beverages made by hand in small batches featuring sustainably-grown, fresh ingredients procured from local farmers.

Local Food Hub

Beef, Pork, Cured Pork Products, Chicken, Duck, Chicken Eggs, Quail Eggs, Donuts, Local Bottled Water, Cider, Honey, Vegetables, Fruit

Main Street Farmstead

Main Street Farmstead Is  a farmstead located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. They are a family owned business who produces dairy products with milk from their herd, which is milked twice daily by the owner, with help from his children.

Monrovia Farm

purchases locally raised feeder calves from the livestock market, graze them on the grass pastures of Monrovia Farm, and finish them on homegrown alfalfa hay, silage, and small grains.

Mountain View Farm Products

All of our products are made with milk fresh from our cows and processed right on our farm. We currently make raw milk aged cheeses, fresh cheeses, butter and a variety of other dairy products.

No Bull Burger

Oh My Gosh…Yum! (Because that is what everyone says after they eat these burgers) is a locally owned and operated family business that is bringing you fabulous tasting, extraordinary, healthy, gourmet veggieburgers right into your kitchen.

Pettijohn's Chestnut Farm

Offers Chestnuts and baked goods, including Gluten Free options, made from their own ground chestnut flower.

Season's Bounty Lamb

The sheep at Season’s Bounty are primarily of the Suffolk breed along with various commercial crosses. 

Sharondale Mushroom Farm

A small family farm in Central Virginia. We grow a wide variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for Charlottesville and surrounding area restaurants and local retail grocers.

Shenandoah Valley Organic

Shenandoah Valley Organic is proud to be the first major organic poultry company in Virginia. SVO prides itself in producing the highest quality organic free range chicken. A Certified Humane label assures the consumer that the animal has been raised in a healthful and low-stress environment necessary for a good quality of life.

Soul Shine Farm

Soul Shine Farms beef is 100% Grass Fed from birth to butcher. My cattle are all naturally & sustainably raised with no antibiotics & no hormones! They are raised to beyond organic standards & are never confined in any feedlots. They are free ranging on grass pastures from birth & in winter receive all native grass hay made here on the farm.

Southernmost Maple

Southernmost Maple is a family owned and operated business providing pure Virginia Maple Syrup from our store on our farm. We wholesale and retail our products.

Sunrise Farms

Sunrise Farms, your one-stop source for grass-fed beef, brown eggs, free-range chickens, and farm-fresh turkey, all-natural feed in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

The Egg Lady

White and brown free-range eggs. Chickens raised on a 4.5-acre farm, free-range with no antibiotics.

True & Essential Meats

As a USDA-inspected processor, T&E Meats works with farmers throughout Virginia to deliver exceptional local meats to local tables, farmers markets, restaurants, and retail establishments.

Virginia Vinegar Works

offers a variety of vinegars and uses the traditional Orleans method of vinegar production which dates back to 1616 in France. This process takes approximately 2-3 months to convert the wine to vinegar with an additional 6 months for aging.

Wade´s Mill

We offer whole grain, stone ground grits, stone ground flours and mixes. We have stone-ground, whole grain whole wheat bread flour; stone-ground white bread flour, stone-ground all purpose flour, stone ground white and yellow corn meal, stone-ground polenta, buckwheat flour and whole grain rye.

Whistle Creek Apiaries

We have over 150 hives to produce our honey around Rockbridge County / Lexington, Virginia.

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